Technical documentation

Decator Media AB helps Swedish and European companies to produce technical documentation of the highest quality. We participate in international projects in which we produce technical documentation in areas such as trains, power plants, lifts and many other areas of technology. Our knowledge ensures that manuals comply with EU requirements for the CE marking of products.

In technology-based companies, communications concerning technical products, processes and services are vitally important in many respects. Technical descriptions must be comprehensible. They must convey credibility and a sense of quality. They must comply with laws, regulations and safety directives.

Our writers have training and experience in both technological and educational fields, with a well-developed sense of language.

Technical documentation requires technology to be explained, using text, images and sound in a well thought-out combination. To make what is difficult to understand comprehensible, to inform, train and advise, always with the aim of ensuring that the product or service can be used in an optimal way. Describing technical products, processes and contexts so that all users understand them.

The most important task a writer has is to explain in such a way that the reader understands the text and remembers the content. To achieve this, the writer must be clear about who the user is. The writer needs sufficient factual data, which is acquired by learning about products properly and by reading product specifications, drawings and test reports.

The need for good technical documentation has become increasingly important, not least due to the increasing complexity of today’s products. The result of this is that the user obtains the technical documentation that is required to handle the product or service correctly.